Boat excursion around Khortytsia


Boat excursion around Khortytsia

We invite everyone to a tour along Dnieper around the island of Khortytsia. A comfortable motor boat awaits you every Saturday and Sunday at 3pm and 6pm at the Central City Beach Pier. It accommodates up to 200 people, has indoor and outdoor decks, 2 bathrooms, a companion cabin and a cafeteria. The journey lasts 2 hours. The route will run in a northerly direction: having rounded the eastern and northern coasts, we will go south and return to the pier of the Embankment. During the trip, you will be able to admire the landscapes of Khortytsia and hear its history. The most beautiful panorama of the city, Dniper Hydroelectric Power Station, the rapids will open before you. You will pass under all the bridges of the New and Old channels of the Dnieper, admire the southern floodplains. The tour is led by an employee of the National Reserve “Khortytsia”.

We wait for you on Saturday and Sunday at 13:00 and at 16:00. The price of tickets for adults is 180 UAH, for schoolchildren – 160 UAH.

Phones for inquiries : 066-468-29-24; 097-817-30-24

To the attention of heads of companies (enterprises)!

The comfortable motor ship and accompaniment of a professional guide are only for your company! The National Reserve “Khortytsia” offers two-hour tour “The largest island on the Dnieper” along the shores of the glorious island. You will see the site of the ancient Slavic settlement Protovche . On your way, you will meet the Baida island, which was the first Zaporozhian Sich. Only from the water you can see the entrance to the legendary Serpent Cave, where, according to Herodotus, the king of the Scythians was born. You will find yourself in the places of legendary underwater expeditions, the unique findings of which will be envied by any museum in the world, as well as the probable place of death of one of the creators of Kievan Rus – Prince Svyatoslav. You will see a fascinating panorama of the giant dam and as if you will travel on long journeys. After all, Khortytsia landscapes are southern steppes, Dnieper forests, Carpathian Mountains and even Scandinavian fjords.

The cost of travel in time and space is 12 thousand UAH. Group up to 100 people. Additionally, you can order a buffet, swimming stops (there is a ladder) and other services. Choose the convenient day and time for you and call: (066) 468 29 24, (097) 817 30 24.

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