Sacred Khortytsia


Sacred Khortytsia

The essence of Khortytsia as “Sanctuary islands” is revealed by the excursion, dedicated to the history of  megalithic monuments of the Bronze Age.You will see mounds and stone bookmarks of ancient times. For our ancestors, they were not only religious sites, but also a kind of observatory for the observation of celestial bodies. No wonder Khortytsia was considered a sacred place by many people. Have you heard about the mysterious black stone and energy of Khortytsia sanctuaries? Can you check? We warn you that this is a long-distance walking tour of rough terrain, designed for physically strong, healthy people. But it’s worth it!

Excursion duration – 90 minutes.

The cost of the tour for a group of up to 7 people. – 330 hryvnias.

The cost of the tour for a group of up to 20 people. – 600 hryvnias.

Tel. to obtain information and book this tour 095-914-77-06, 096-254-12-09.

More information about Khortitsa sanctuaries here

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