There are certain places that for thousands of years cause people’s amazement, fear, excitement and admiration for their natural beauty and uniqueness. One of them is the island of Khortytsia which preserves the most interesting and brightest pages of our history.

The nature of Khortytsia combines the natural complexes of most of the southern Ukraine landscapes: virgin steppes, ravine oak forests, floodplains and rocks. Therefore, its flora and fauna are characterized by significant species diversity. More than 1100 species of plants and the same number of insects can be found on the island. There are 207 species of birds, 9 species of reptiles, 6 species of amphibians and 34 species of mammals. 248 species of Khortytsia flora are included in environmental lists of various ranks, including 194 species protected internationally. 436 species of invertebrate and vertebrate animals are included in the national and international conservation lists of different ranks.

Different species of wild fauna can be found even while walking around the island. It is amazing that one can see wildlife in the middle of an industrial city. In ancient times, a large part of the island was covered with centuries-old oaks and untouched steppe; in rivers and lakes there were a lot of fish, crayfish, and in the forests there were birds and wild animals.


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