Zaporozhian Sich


Zaporozhian Sich

So who were the Zaporozhian Cossacks? Rogues or steppe knights? Why was Koshovyi sprinkled with earth when taking office? Who are the Greeks and why did they tame the otter? Many interesting facts and discoveries await you on our tour. Our Sich is a generalized image of the capital of The Liberties of the Zaporozhian Lowland Army. The housing and outbuildings of the Cossacks, the way of life and customs of the Cossacks are presented to your attention. Both adults and children will discover something new and interesting in the history of our region. And only here you will feel the spirit of the Cossack era. Nobody will be indifferent!

There are two options for the tour: full (with a visit to all exhibition huts) and abbreviated, sightseeing.

Full tour:

Excursion duration – 45 minutes.

The cost of the tour for a group of up to 5 people. – 216 UAH.

Sightseeing tour:

Excursion duration – 30 minutes.

The cost of the tour for a group of up to 30 people. – 420 UAH. (Without visiting the exhibition facilities)

* The cost of the tour is paid in addition to the entrance fee: adults – 60 UAH, children, students, retirees – 30 UAH.

Tel. to obtain information and book this tour 095-914-77-06, 096-254-12-09.

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